GET TO Know us

Peruvian with an Asian kick

SuViche stands not to represent Japanese or Peruvian cuisines independently nor is our purpose to merely “combine” these two cuisines. Rather, we strive to create a new type of cuisine, one that blends the ingredients, traditions, and originality of each cuisine. Our concept integrates these two cuisines in unison in order to create a symbiotic relationship based on the traditions and ingredients that make each cuisine so special.

What is “A Culinary MINDBOMB”?

When two or more distinct cuisines collide and mesh, creating an explosion of unique flavors. So different and addictive, your brain sparks new connections between the senses. Experiencing flavors so vibrant that your mind fills with pure happiness! At SuViche, there is no denying this mind bomb effect – you’ll get used to it.


A great dining experience does not start, nor does it end with serving high quality food. Food only happens to be the tangible product. What we strive to provide is the intangible- a genuinely good-willed encounter for our guests to enjoy.

Meet Chef Jaime

Jaime is the creative mind behind our menu. His love for food started at a very young age when he landed his first kitchen job at 17 at Alfresco, a Peruvian seafood restaurant in Lima. In 2008, Jaime trained with three-star Michelin Chef Joan Roca in Spain where he mastered modern techniques before attending Le Cordon Bleu in Lima and traveling to Europe for apprenticeships.

Back in Peru, he perfected his own style at Al Grano, where he directed his first kitchen. In 2008, with an entrepreneurial spirit and culinary art, Pesaque decided to open its flagship restaurant, Mayta, a contemporary Peruvian cuisine restaurant and pisco bar in Lima, Peru, where the traceability of native products is always sought and combined with contemporary culinary techniques and local products to create sophisticated and modern dishes. Pesaque also manages to export Peruvian cuisine abroad to countries such as the United States, Italy and the Netherlands. In 2019, Mayta enters the list of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, and in 2020 won the Highest Climber Award. In 2021 he entered the list of “The Best Chef Awards” and in 2022, its debut onto The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Additionally, Jaime has worked on numerous projects as head culinary consultant around the world in New York, Oslo, Madrid and Milan, among others.

Our team

Viable growth for us is dependent on attracting, hiring and retaining great people, coupled with an unfaltering commitment to excellence and providing genuine hospitality at every level. That is our core. But beyond striving to provide great food and value to our guests, our focus at SuViche is on our people. We firmly believe in a strong culture; based on initiative, innovation, learning, continuous improvement and growth. We strive to create leadership at every level!

Our guiding principles


Initiative means we take action without direction from above to improve our knowledge and come up with solutions to problems. With each team member taking initiative, the leverage is immense.


Innovation means looking at new ways of doing the same thing. It also means knowing which areas are appropriate for innovation, having the courage to change, and tolerating failures.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is how we get better. We continually seek ways to learn from processes and improve them and ourselves. The chain of command has the obligation to develop and institute mechanisms to achieve continuous improvement.


We encourage team members to take action and we support them if they make mistakes. We employ stewardship delegation, explain what we want accomplished and allow flexibility in how it is accomplished.


We exercise participative openness: freedom to speak one’s mind. We challenge our own thinking and we think out loud.


Timeliness means we do things on time: start work on time, qualify on time, and are ready for busy hours on time. Working to accomplish processes quickly and efficiently results in a more effectively organization.

Intimate Technical Knowledge

Intimate technical knowledge means that each of us is responsible for learning our areas of responsibility. We make decisions based on technical reasons, not hope.


Commitment means we are present when we come to work. We give it our best. We choose to be here.


Integrity is a higher value than loyalty. Or better put, integrity is the highest form of loyalty. Integrity means being integrated or centered on principles not on people, organizations, or even family.