Our menu and concept were designed with your health and well being in mind.

As if aesthetics and taste were not enough, we are especially proud of the light and healthy nature of many of our recipes, which feature the freshest of ingredients. Our menu is created with the intent of supporting and contributing to a healthier lifestyle.


All of our recipes are made from scratch with the utmost attention to quality.

From our sauces, to our fresh cut veggies we take great care and pride in preparing every dish. Though our food represents an ingenious take on Peruvian and Japanese cuisines, we aim to stay true to its cultural roots. It all starts by going back to basics, selecting only the best and freshest ingredients and instilling love in every process; from the initial preparation through the arrival of each finished dish to our guests’ tables.

Made from scratch

From our sauces, to marinades to dressings our dishes are all made from scratch.


We work tirelessly to source the best quality ingredients because we know it makes all the difference.

From our wild caught Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, fresh Salmon and local wild caught shrimp, we go to great lengths to ensure that all of our fish and seafood carefully selected from producers that stay true to sustainable principles and practices. We place a great amount of importance on sourcing food responsibly and locally when available. For our proteins we are proud to use premium beef tenderloin and our all natural chicken, free of hormones and antibiotics with an all vegetarian diet.